Redefining Personal Success

Each person defines success differently. Some measure their success by the size of their bank account. Others by the independence and freedom success brings. How do you define your own personal success?

Within each of us there is the ability to redefine our success and have any life we envision.


But you first have to own it – you have to say “WHY NOT ME?” Once you’ve taken ownership and made that declaration you’ll be on the road to living your dream.

I recently had Food Network Star Alton Brown on The Big Idea. You know what I loved about this guy – he wasn’t even in the food business but he said, “Why shouldn’t I have my own cooking show?” Alton decided he was going to define his own success. He was in his mid-thirties when he gave up his old life and went to culinary school. When he graduated he began creating pilots and pitching them to the Food Network. Today, Alton is the star of two hit cooking shows!

It takes courage to redefine your dream and once you’ve taken that first step to invest in change you have to also be prepared for failure.

There’s a great quote from Robert F. Kennedy, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Of course you might try and fail but even failure defines your success. Each of us can remember moments in our life when we’ve experienced rejection or failure and said to ourselves, “How am I going to pull through this?” But we did. We overcame it and now that moment defines part of our success.

So whatever your dream is, NOW is the time to pursue it!! You can redefine your personal success and we’re going to give you the tools you need to do it tomorrow night on THE BIG IDEA.

What are your success goals and how are you defining success for yourself? Write to me at