Monsanto's Growing a Stock Portfolio

The American economy may sputter, Europe may be slowing down, but Ronald Weiner's money is on infrastructure build-out.

"Worldwide, it's not going to stop for decades," the president and chief investment officer of RDM Financial Group told CNBC. "There's lots of opportunity all over."

Timing, of course, is essential, and Weiner has changed his focus several times this year.

"You call some place 'paradise,' you kiss it good-bye, everybody jumps in," he said. "You got to be disciplined to take it off the table, put it somewhere else."


"Monsanto is one of our favorites," he said. "You got to feed this world."

Monsanto makes fertilizers and other agricultural products aimed at improving farm productivity and quality.

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Disclosure information for Ronald Weiner was not immediately available.