Shaq Smiles But Readers Do Not

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

After last night's 39-point annihilation of the Lakers by the Celtics, a game which left LA's best looking like a mound of pulverized Kobe beef, I can tell you one person outside of Boston's who's smiling today: Shaquille O'Neal.

A couple of worthy emails:

On the post regarding Northrop Grumman basically telling Boeing "enough already" if Boeing loses its GAO challenge this week, Robert F. is a fan!

"Enough of You Already! Please do everyone in the Aerospace industry a favor and stop reporting on it. All you do is regurgitate news that has been in print by experts in the field for weeks.

How about you cover the second challenge against Boeing on the CSAR program? You don't see Boeing whining about the long delayed program there.

Have you also noticed that when Boeing makes public statements on the Tanker competition they reference facts and numbers. Northrop just whines with no facts or number arguments."

Jason J. has some tips for the Microsoft programmers developing pickup lines for a Vegas bar: "Is MS accepting flirt lines? Cause I have some C++ flirt lines that are for sure winners for the gambling, drinking, touch enabled table top cool guy –'Girl your body is kicking, do you know karate?' Just one, can’t give them all away Jane…"

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