Kevin Garnett Butchers Adidas Slogan?

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett

So I'm watching the Lakers-Celtics game last night and after the game Michele Tafoya goes to interview Kevin Garnett.

Michele: Kevin, 11-time All-Star, League MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, now it's time to add to your resume--NBA champion. How does that sound?

Garnett: Man, I'm so hyped right now. Anything is possible. (Screams) Anything is possible!

For a second, I thought that is so great. How often, in the first interview after you win the championship, do you quote the slogan of your shoe sponsor (adidas pays Garnett for his endorsement)? And then I thought, wait, did he just say, "Anything is possible?" That's not adidas' slogan. Their slogan is "Impossible Is Nothing."

Before I had a chance to review it, I got an e-mail from reader Ross Pryde who pointed out that not only did Garnett get it wrong, he accurately quoted the slogan of Li-Ning, the Chinese shoe company whose slogan is yiqie jieyou keneng, which means--you guessed it--"Anything Is Possible."

Some people are telling me that Garnett wasn't trying to be clever and that it would have been awkward if he threw out adidas' slogan, but I'm not so sure. Saying "Anything is possible" is pretty close, plus the second scream of the phrase was done in a way that made him look like he thought he was at the end of that Under Armourcommercial.

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