Dr. Fran Harris - The Core Four

Congratulations! You've done it. You've figured out what makes your heart sing. And you're ready to jump into your purpose, right? Well, before you leap over tall buildings in a single bound, tak


e a quick step back to make sure you've given attention to what I call the Core Four -- the 4 areas of your life that will be most affected by your decision to follow your bliss.

#1: Health & Wellness - It all starts here. Never underestimate the power of stress. Change - even for the better - creates some degree of physical or psychological stress. So be sure you're taking great care of your mind, body and spirit. Breathe, meditate, exercise and eat well. You'll be amazed at how much more productive you'll be with a strong, healthy constitution.

#2: Money - You'll need a year's worth of money socked away -- and that's just the start. That doesn't include the "unexpected" expenses that always find a way into our lives. Maintaining even a simple budget will keep you on track. I recommend paying for most things with cash or a debit card so that you can get a true sense for the money you're spending. Credit cards are great tools and should be used for emergencies or at minimum paid in full when the bill arrives.

#3: Relationships - Every single relationship you're in will be affected by your decision to pursue your dream. The best thing to do is schedule a team meeting with your closest supporters. Talk openly about your excitement as well as your concerns. Invite them to do the same. Your goal is to get it all out on the table so that everyone knows what they're dealing with. Keep in mind that no matter how much you plan, emotions are not predictable. Keep the lines of communication open.

#4: LifestyleHow many vacations do you take a year? How many hours do you and your spouse, kids, friends and/or family spend together a week? How much do you spend on entertainment? Unless you're already independently wealthy, your lifestyle will likely take a hit in the short term. So, having a true sense of where you're able -- and willing -- to cut back could save you some heartache and headache later. Make a list of the essentials and non-essentials and then, get real about what you're willing to cut back on if it means you'll get closer to your ultimate dream.

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