Growing Your Profits With Ag, Healthcare & Pipelines

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the market experts for their best stock picks now.

Making Money in Healthcare

“It’s been a brutal marketplace, the healthcare sector, so Express Scripts is in a space, the pharmacy benefit management area, that has kind of been a part of the solution…they’re helping firms and organizations lower their overall medical costs. So as the rhetoric around the healthcare systems increases, we see Express Scripts as a firm that can benefit from that.”

Paul Alan Davis, Schwab Portfolio Manager

Davis also likes: Baxter International

Ag Plays

"We like all the fertilizer stocks...In particular, we like the ones that have the potash exposure, and that includes Mosaic, Potash, and Agrium."

Michael Judd, Greenwich Consultants

Judd also likes: Monsanto

Betting on Pipelines

"I really like the pipeline area...Enterprise Product Partners is a pipeline of natural gas across the United States is a great one. One other would be Enbridge Energy Partners, which is an oil pipeline, which is bringing the oil from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada, down into the U.S."

Joseph Keating, RBC Bank Chief Investment Officer of Private Asset Management