Tiger Woods' Announcement: Sponsors' Reactions (Update)

Tiger Woods playing at U.S. Open
Tiger Woods playing at U.S. Open

I'm sure you've already heard. Tiger Woods is out for the year due to another knee surgery.

We have asked for statements from the companies that he endorses and we will be posting these when we get them.

Before people spout off about how much this is going to hurt Nike , realize that Nike Golf represents less than 5 percent of Nike's revenues.

This is the statement from Nike Golf:

"It goes without saying that the temporary absence of an athlete with Tiger’s vast influence will be felt at all levels throughout the game. With that said, Tiger’s enduring impact on the Nike brand and business is so enormous that it resonates positively even when he’s not competing. In the meantime, our presence and success on Tour will continue on its dominant path, led by our team Nike Golf athletes who have joined Tiger in delivering eight Nike Golf wins, with five different winners. We look forward to more wins in 2008, and beyond that to the healthy return of Tiger when he’s fully ready."

Update: Gatorade has Gatorade Tiger on the market, a subline that the company unveiled about four months ago. This is from Gatorade:

"Like other sports fans, we at Gatorade are inspired with Tiger's amazing performance over the past few days and are aware of the physical and mental toughness it took for him to win. Now we respect and support his decision to take care of his body. What makes Gatorade so strong is our bench strength when it comes to athletes, teams and leagues. We have a full roster of high performing athletes who increase the brand's visibility as evidenced by Kevin Garnett and the Celtics NBA Finals win last night, Jimmie Johnson's reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion and Eli Manning leading the Giants to a Super Bowl victory earlier this year."

Tiger also endorses Gillette's Fusion Razors. This is from Gillette:

"We'd first like to congratulate Tiger for his thrilling victory on Monday, the 14th Major championship of his career. He truly displayed what it means to be a Champion. As golf fans and supporters of Tiger Woods, everyone at Gillette was disappointed to hear the news regarding Tiger's injury. We wish him a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his return."