Michelle Hoskins' Ingredients For Success

1 . Be open to change, and be ready to embrace it—change can wreak havoc on your life, but it can also bring you life’s greatest gifts.


2. Be ready to listen to eureka moments. The most unexpected sources can show you the way to transform your life and create your own destiny.

3. Sometimes the key to your success is right in front of you—sometimes it’s something that you’ve known since you were a little child.

4. Find the right people to help you on your journey—and be patient with those who might be resistant at first. They can’t always see your vision.

5. The best way to reach people—whether you’re selling something, or teaching something, or motivating someone to do their best work—is to listen and learn to see a situation from their point of view.

6. Find the people who will inspire you to realize your own potential and listen well.

7. Passion, patience, and perseverance will make up for what you don’t have in money—but no amount of money will make up for not having all three Ps.

8. If you fight with everything you’ve got, you’ll come out on top.

9. Hard work pays off when you watch for opportunities and have the determination to grab them.

10. Sometimes a little success can have a lot of consequences at first—but the education you gain is worth the cost.

11. Watch out for the limitations you put on yourself—they can be just as confining as the ones other people put on you.

12. Carve out your identity and make it work for you.

13. Be grateful for the good fortune that’s given you whatever measure of success you’ve won thus far—and fight like hell to keep it.

14. Do whatever it takes to recover from a setback, and always keep faith.

15. Opportunity will only knock if you’re persistent and motivated.

16. Taking any endeavor to the next level is thrilling and demanding.

17. Sometimes life gives you the worst and the best it has—right at the same time.

18. Only faith can carry you through the hardest stuff life can throw at you.

19. Life’s worst blows can show you something important.

20. Health comes before business and before everything else.

21. Everyone must feed himself or herself spiritually.

22. Never let other people’s expectations get in the way of your own expectations for yourself.

23. You control your own destiny.

24. Take risks to reach your goals.

25. Success does not make you immune to attack.

26. It’s always worth it to take the high road—but that doesn’t mean it won’t be costly.

27. There’s always something good to be gained out of a tough situation.

28. You’re never too important to stir the pot yourself—be willing to do what you have to do.

29. A tough situation can be an opportunity for valuable learning.

30. If you believe you can do anything, you can—and you will.

31. Your own creativity can make up a lot for money you don’t have.

32. Staying connected to your community is a source of strength.

33. A good role model will elevate you: She has a magical effect.

34. Trust yourself and your own experience. Be your own best support.

35. Give thanks for the precious support that you have.

36. Most of the most rewarding things in life—raising children, pursuing dreams—don’t come with an instruction manual. You’ve got to make your own.

37. A true partner is someone you can trust absolutely and at all times.

38. Building success the hard way makes you appreciate it even more.

39. You succeed on your own. But support of good people is essential in your journey.

40. If you tell your story from your heart, people will respond.

41. Find your professional community—you will get support and learning and fun from it.

42. The journey to success is never-ending, because success is not a single destination. Loving the journey is success in itself.

- Michele Hoskins, Author of Sweet Expectations