The Success Test For Your Dreams

By Dr. Fran Harris

The real pursuit of turning your dream into a reality is the honest assessment of the most crucial areas of your life.

The core four areas that you should take inventory of are:

- Health/wellness
- Money/financial profile
- Lifestyle
- Relationships

The inventory helps provide clarity and will assist in becoming more aware of what your current situation is…..before you can realistically decide what you are willing to give up.

Important questions to ask are:

1. How many vacations do you take a year ?

2. How much do you spend on entertainment per month ?

3. How many hours do you spend with your spouse, kids and/or family spend together a week ?

4. How much do you spend on:
Eating out

Are you willing to cut any of the above by 75%?

Then....Break list down into essentials and non essentials—

1. Are you willing to tell friends and family – that you are not available for the next year?

2. Are you willing to move to a less expensive home?

3. Are you willing to reduce or give up cable and internet?

4. Are you willing to moonlight and take a part time job?

5. Are you willing not to add to your wardrobe for the next year?

6. Are you willing to give up your car and take public transportation?

7. Are you willing to Take a “staycation” ..instead traveling to some exotic location?

8. Are you willing to give up your gym membership?

9. Are you willing to give up the country club membership?


1. The question is NEVER what's the cost of pursuing your dreams? It's what price will you pay if you DON'T follow your dreams?

2. Are you willing to put on a suit of armor to shield all of the rejection, stares, whispers and insults thrown your way when you step into your passion?

3. What are the indicators telling you? Gotta know when to fold 'em.

4. You are officially an athlete. Is your mental, emotional and psychological training table stocked for the race? -- mentors, coaches, support, community -- are the equivalents of water, food, vitamins and electrolyte replacements.

5. Are you willing to be flexible on the journey? The one thing that's certain is that there will be surprises. Can you change on a dime or are you too locked in to "the way it's supposed to be"

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