Redefining Personal Success: Your Ultimate Playbook

If you're not living every day of your life to achieve success... then you are only HALF alive. But what is success? Certainly not some dictionary mumblings about "wealth and reputation." No, success is more. It's the blood and the tears. The dust and the sweat. It's your life, lived as a HURRICANE. Pablo Picasso said.. "Had I become a soldier, I'd have been a GENERAL.. If I'd decided to be a monk, I'd have wound up POPE... But instead I was a painter, and I became... PICASSO!" Success isn't an outcome. It's not a paycheck or a house. It's about the courage to say "I CAN." It requires taking out the hammer and forging your BIGGEST SELF from the raw iron of your life. So how will YOU forge your personal success? Your playbook starts here.

Round 1: Your Plays
- Turn off all the other voices.. listen to the voice inside when you defining success.
- Cheer for yourself every day as you go for your dream.
- Live the details of your life now, as if your success has already arrived.

Round 2: Your Plays
- If you are living remorse for something that might have been, take action and change.
- Listen to what your life is trying to tell you about your success... and follow what will make you PROUD.
- Don't overthink it.. you'll scare yourself out of your dream.
- Road test your idea.

Round 3: Your Plays
- Passion is great, but if no one wants what you're offering, you're in for trouble.
- Give yourself a timeline, and if you don't hit goals at a specific time, reassess the plan.
- Keep a team around you to keep you on track.
- Don't be the kamakaze dreamer.

Donny and our panel break give you their ultimate playbook: