Mel Robbins: Feel Successful

Here's the deal.

The key to being successful is that you have to FEEL successful in your day to day life. Call it "fake it til you make it" if you like - just trust me on this - do it - it works.

Most of us fall into the trap of thinking that we will be successful WHEN we achieve something. I hear it all the time on my radio show - Make It Happen with Mel Robbins.

"I'll be successful when I make my first million."
"I will be a success when I quit my job and launch my business."
"Success will happen when I climb out of this cashflow crunch on payroll."
"I won't consider myself a success until I get my MBA."

You must stop defining success as something that happens in the future.


If you define success as a future event - you are, by definition, saying that you are not a success right now! That kind of thinking will kill you. It will kill your drive. It will kill your confidence. You might as well stand in front of a mirror and shout "Loser!" at yourself. If you are doing that currently - email me - - so I can help you get on track.

The key to being successful, to creating success stories in your life and to having what you want is figuring out ways to FEEL successful in your daily life. How do you do that? You start by thinking about what a successful person in your shoes does in their daily life. Think granular. What time do you wake up? What do you eat? Who's your first phone call to? Who do you hang out with? What articles do you read?

Start doing those things NOW.

For example: You want to run a marathon? Great. Stop worrying about your lung capacity, your hangover or the fact that you can't run 26 yards, let alone 26 miles. Pretend you already are a marathon runner. What do you need to do everyday now that you are a marathon runner. Yes, you go for a run. Yes, you read about running. Yes, you eat a little healthier. Yes, you join a running club. Yes, you get out there in the rain. And you do it, because that's what a marathon runner does. And as you starting doing those little things that a marathoner does – not only will you feel like one – you will BE one.

As I said on the show, as cheesy as it sounds - my husband and I have brunch every January 1st and we "create the year." We define for ourselves what will make a successful year - as it relates to our kids, our marriage, our businesses, our friends, ourselves personally. By taking the time to define what success feels like ON OUR TERMS - and identifying some specific things we need to do to start living that way now, we have a roadmap to achieve success. It's so inspiring and so easy to do - that our 2 older kids (they're 9yrs and 7yrs) have now joined in.

It's a Success Balance Sheet - and I've created one for you to do. Just download it here. Print it out. And make it work for you.

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Don't forget email me at - I want to know what you put on your balance sheet and how I can help you stick to it.

- Mel Robbins