To Drill or Not To Drill — That's a Hot Question

We've got a poll getting a lot of attention today. It's this one on oil and the possibility of opening environmentally sensitive areas to drilling.

As you can see from the results, our readers are pretty lopsided in their response (at least as of this writing) ... Whatever it takes to get the oil.

That shouldn't be a surprise when you consider our audience. We're about money and greed in large part. People aren't coming to us to hug trees ... Not that they'd be completely against it.

But polls, especially unscientific Web polls, are often more about reader sentiment than exact measurement. In this case, the poll's message is more about how worried people are about oil than they are environmental priorities.

But what always gets to me in these things is the "don't know" category. I chuckle over the fact that people will go to the trouble of answering a poll just to say they don't know. Go figure.