More BofA Builders Conference: Home Supply Discrepancy?

Still here at the BofA homebuilders conference. I met with an analyst down in the lobby from a competing investment bank. He's here meeting with reps from the builders and just did Ryland. He says they told him, "We have nothing positive to say about the housing market."

Now I'm up here in the official Ryland presentation and COO Larry Nicholson is of course painting a brighter picture. He says the company has downsized by half but now has a much healthier balance sheet with little to no impending debt.

Home Construction
Home Construction

He also says inventories are way down. This is interesting to me because Centex echoed the same, claiming they have a barely one month supply.

The Dept. of Commerce reports a ten to eleven month supply of new homes on the market, so I'm guessing that's coming from the mid-sized private builders. Still, seems like a pretty big discrepancy. More later.