Best Trades Now: Telecom & Food Stocks

To give investors an edge in this volatile market environment, CNBC asked the experts for their best stock picks now.

Telecom Plays

“The buy on Sprint is really a turnaround story. If they can get their margins to halfway between where they are today and where the rest of the telecom operators are, that’s tremendous upside in the stock, you’re probably talking a double-digit, mid-teen stock.”

- Christopher Larsen, Credit Suisse Telecom Analyst

Larsen also likes: Leap Wireless .

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Enticing Food Stocks

"We're actually seeing a lot of good pricing power in those areas...Kind of a thematic idea: If people are starting to move away from high-end dining and going out to eat, maybe they' and staying at home and eating."

- Andrew Burkly, Brown Brothers Harriman Strategist

Burkly likes: Kellogg, General Mills and HJ Heinz.