Connecting the Dots on Oil's Pain

Get ready for a summer of connect-the-dots journalism. Oil dots, that is.

This struck me the other night when I was watching one of my favorite shows, "Deadliest Catch." (It stops me from feeling sorry for myself at work). One of the captains casually mentioned how much fuel he had to buy for a season. It was hefty.

And his comments were taped well before the recent oil spike. That realization got me wondering if he's going to be able to fish come winter. Or if any fisherman will be able to go to sea this winter? Seafood prices would have to go up dramatically to cover the cost, it seems.

The increase in oil prices is a major story with ramifications for the economy and the American standard of living as a whole. We all know that on a general level. But it is going to affect lives in ways nobody anticipates. In this case, seafood and maybe even entertainment (ships tied up at docks are boring).

No doubt there'll be other jobs and industries affected as well. Let me know what you see. We'll cover it as best we can.