Becoming a Power Player: Your Ultimate Playbook

It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do, if you're not the most powerful person in the room, you need to start asking yourself, "Why not me?" Power is seductive, everybody wants it, and now science is telling us that getting it is easier than you think. Tonight on The Big Idea, we've got the big thinkers, the big players, and the new power brokers to help you get the power advantage in your life. Your playbook starts here.

Round 1: Who Holds the Power?
- Negative thoughts are the biggest reason we feel powerless
- If you simply believe you have power... you are taking the first step to having it
- Be decisive, without being reactionary
- Take action, and have a goal for everything you do

Round 2: Plug Into Power
- Approach every situation with supreme confidence.
- Your core values count. It's the bedrock of good leadership.
- Remember that lesson of the E on your forehead: believe in yourself, while seeing other people's perspectives

Round 3: Unexpected Power

- You may have "unexpected power" and not realize it... power is being able to influence other people.
- Power comes from not having to ask permission for the things that matter most to you.
- Power is useless unless you are using it for a higher purpose.

Round 4: The New Power
- There's an "assertive" way to be nice.. and a "nice" way to be assertive.
- There's a new power in sharing power with others.
- "Nasty" is never a power play.

Donny and our panel break give you their ultimate Power playbook: