Reader Response: Let's Drill!!! (Mostly)

We're getting a message from a lopsided majority of our readers and viewers ... it's time to open up protected areas for oil production.

Of course we need to have more drilling! People are worried about it only lowering the price of gasoline a penny or so a gallon. What if there is a crisis that cuts off the oil from the Middle East, then what do we do? We need to have our own supply of oil! -- Howard

Drill everywhere. -- Mike

Not only should we drill but we should have done so along time ago. Living in FL people fear oil spills yet even with hurricanes such as Katrina, we never spilled a drop. -- Bill J.

I would drill into a panda's head if it meant a gallon of gas!!! DRILL DRILL DRILL!!!!!! -- Dave

We should definitely start drilling ASAP. ... The liberal elite think they know better than the citizens what is best for them. Well here's a news flash for them: average citizens know for an absolute fact that gasoline is now higher than $4.00 a gallon. They also know that climate change, as caused by mankind, is nothing more than a theory. You can fool some of the people... -- Richard Z.

It HAS been time to drill for years, it keeps getting put off over and over. If it had been done in the first place we wouldn't be in this crisis. -- James

Open the u.s. to exploration... Why is it ok for us to want Nigeria to exploit its environment, but we can't touch ours??? Ridiculous. -- Norton

The answer to our mounting problem is DRILL!!! With American ownership profits can be channeled into renewable resources and eliminate our foreign dependency. -- James

But while a majority have been writing in support of drilling the sentiment, like our poll, is not universal. Some are looking for middle ground ...

Drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas is something that should not be universally allowed or universally banned. There are numerous locations where the "prize" is simply not big enough to make any real difference. -- Cameron

The untapped oil offshore and in Alaska is like our nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Keep buying foreign oil for now, and leave the remaining U.S. oil in the ground for that time in the future when we'll really need it. -- John

It's not that the price of crude is going up, it's that the value of the dollar is going down.The only way around $4 gas is for the US to take a strong dollar stance. -- Chris

We should stop the drilling mania instead focus on refinery investment and construction; that will bring the prices down. -- Jay

No more drilling for oil, the most nasty substance on the planet. The answer is H: as in hydrogen. -- Bill G.

Abolish the EPA they are strangling America with their worthless regulations and restrictions on automobiles and trucks. -- Fredson

Instead of drilling for more oil why not give the tax payers a break by giving a refund for buying a fuel efficent car that get 70 plus miles per gallon. -- Bob

It's time to stop bickering over energy policy. We need everyone involved in making policy to come to the table and listen to the geologists and the environmentalists as well as the economists and make some rational rather than emotional conclusions. -- Darrell