Reader Mail: More on Drilling, Ron Paul and Cigars

Wow. The drilling email is still pouring in. In terms of volume, it has beaten all the Ron Paul email I got earlier. There were a few missives on other issues as well. Let's clean out the old mailbox.

Drilling ...

On drilling, the majority continues to be strongly in favor of opening up areas in Alaska and off the coasts.

Drill Now!! -- Daniel

We need to allow off shore drilling and open ANWAR. But it shouldn't stop there, we also need to aggressively pursue shale oil as well as coal to oil conversion. -- John

If CNBC will buy the oil rig ... I'll put it in my back yard!! -- Dannie

Drill... Anyone who says otherwise should have to stand out in minus 10 degree weather because a) They cannot afford heating oil, or b) We have run out. See if the Pandas will keep you warm. -- Steve

(Ed. Note: This is the second time pandas have come up in the email debate. Hmmm).

But still there was a vocal minority cautioning against drilling at all costs.

NO drilling! Stop the dependence on fossil fuels, with a "put a man on the moon" like initiative to explore and develop sensible and attainable alternative fuels. -- Mike

Use your heads people. Drilling is stupid. There's only enough oil there for 3 years, we wouldn't see a drop for 5 years, and the environment would be trashed forever. We're now decimating our own food supply. Is that smart? -- Jennifer

Ron Paul ...

We had mail on other subjects as well, particularly our observations on Ron Paul...

Ron Paul more than livened things up! He spoke about issues with intelligence, espoused positions which he has actually voted for consistently and despite attempts to marginalize and humiliate him he never resorted to personal attacks. It is nice to see a politician who actually believes in something and respects and understands the document he has sworn to uphold. It is too bad the electorate can't get beyond image and sound bites. -- Martin/New Jersey

But there were a very small few writing in on the other side ...

Ron Paul is ignorant on modern economic theory. Enough said. --Peter

Real-Time ...

We appreciate the many of you who wrote in about our real-time efforts.

Thanks for your great financial coverage!! I really appreciate the new real time quotes -- Ted

The free real-time quotes are great! One question - how are they paid for and given to the public? I am sure the exchanges charge for the real time quotes so who handles the bill? -- Will A.

We're picking up the bill, Will. The idea is that it will make our site attractive to more readers and subsequently help out our advertisers.

Gone to Golf ...

Some folks took issue with my traffic interpretationssurrounding Tiger's win. But it got some attention around the Net (thanks Talking Biz News).

If there is a lesson to be learned from the golf experience, perhaps it is that some of us are intent on trading, and could care less about golfing news. I think that golf news belongs on another site, and saw it mainly as a distraction from the real action! -- Eric

J.B. directed us here. Interesting stuff.

Cigars ...

Hey, I have some fellow cigar fans ...

Wonderful thing, a good cigar. I've enjoyed them for exactly 30 years now. I just don't inhale them! Most Dominican's are better than Cuban's these days. -- Tom

I'm disappointed - it's not a Cohiba .... Jim

When I pull out a great cigar at a fine local outdoor bar, I often point out that I'm savoring my freedom to do it even more than the cigar. -- R.E.

Thanks, folks, and have a great weekend.