Liposuction Without the Surgery

All the benefits of liposuction without any of the scars.

That’s what Medicis Pharmaceuticals’ new acquisition LipoSonix Technology promises. It’s a process that uses focused ultrasound to break up fat beneath the skin so the body can naturally clear the excess weight away. No surgery at all.

Jonah Shacknai, chairman and CEO of Medicis, told Cramer Friday that a 45-minute minute treatment has been proved to reduce the waistline by “several inches in many cases.”

“Our reasoning is there’s almost no one who wouldn’t go for a treatment like this,” Shacknai said.

Analysts, though, don’t seem to share the CEO’s enthusiasm. Many think the LipoSonix buy was a bad one, and there’s doubt the technology will make it past the Food and Drug Administration.

Shacknai attributes the sentiment to this tough market, saying, “It’s easier to be negative than positive” right now. LipoSonix is already selling well in Europe and Asia, he said, and the company sees “a very clear path to FDA approval in the United States.”

“I’m not saying whether to buy or sell the stock,” Cramer told viewers. “I am saying that the criticism that he’s getting here is very small-minded. You do the work. You make the decision. But I think this acquisition made a lot of sense to me.”

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