How Cheap Should A Beer Be?

Everyone complains about stadium prices, but I'd argue that there's one price that has to be high: Beer. For the safety of everyone involved, it's good that a beer cost a bundle--especially at a ballgame.

Let's start with the very cheapest. I found out through a promotions blogI read that the Sioux Falls Canaries, the same team that brought you fried turkey testicles, gives away FREE beer between 5-6 p.m. on Thursdays. Despite the low price, food and beverage manager Bill Sedelmeier tells me that it's been slow, as only 10 to 15 people show up two hours before the game for the free alcohol.

On all other nights, fans can purchase 12 ounces of Budweiser product for $1. Again, maybe it has something to do with Sioux Falls, but Sedelmeier says that there have been no issues of crazy drunk people at the game.

That wouldn't be the same if you could buy 12 ounces of beer at a Major League Baseball game for $1. That's eight cents and ounce, which is pretty close to what you can buy it for at retail. At a baseball game, you're just ready to drink. That's why I think there should a minimum price for beer.

Thanks to Team Marketing Report, I was able to get beer prices from all 30 Major League teams and break them down by the ounce. The average price is 35 cents an ounce, which works out to $4 for a 12-ounce beer. Here's the top five most expensive and the top five cheapest.

Most Expensive and Cheapest Beers
Most Expensive and Cheapest Beers

The Phillies are the cheapest, believe it or not, at $5 for a 21-ounce beer at Citizens Bank Park. You get any cheaper than 20 cents an ounce over there and I'd bet the atmosphere at games would change.

For those of you who aren't aware, the Cleveland Indians had 10-cent beer night for a game against the Texas Rangers in 1974. The promotion tripled the average attendance of 8,000 fans, but predictably it ended in forfeit. Not a surprise considering fans could buy six cups at a time. To read a classic account of this game, click here.

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