My Interview With Vince McMahon


A year ago today, I was named a murder suspect in the possible death of WWE chairman Vince McMahon. You see, McMahon had put on this stunt on "Monday Night Raw," in which his limo blew up. I had made a big stink about the stunt because I thought his fake death was irresponsible to shareholders, considering it would have been a big deal if McMahon really did pass away. They brilliantly responded by saying I was a suspect. The charade was over after the Chris Benoit tragedy the following week.

Today, I had McMahon on CNBC to talk about his giving away $1 million of his own money each week to fans.

Darren: Tell us about the million dollar giveaway. How does it work?

McMahon: Actually, it's very simple. It's not some sort of competitive atmosphere. Not like you have to buy a lottery ticket or spend your money. You log onto, give us your name and address and your phone number where we can reach you during a live broadcast of RAW. I call you, you give me the password. You win. Any portion of a million dollars. We've been giving away a million dollars in the past two weeks.

Darren: How long will this go on for?

McMahon: Pretty much as long as I like. Since I'm a billionaire, I can say when I want to do things and when I won't. No timetable.

Darren: First it was boxing that was going to hurt you now it's UFC. To what extent are you competing with them?

McMahon: We don't compete. We're entertainment. They are boxing. They haven't hurt us at all.

Darren: A year ago, you car was blown up on RAW and I was very tough on you. I said that if you were really dead, that this was a material risk for the company. And then the WWE issued a press release saying I was a murder suspect. So can I be exonerated?

McMahon: Yes. Until the next incident.

By the way, McMahon will be featured with WWE wrestler John Cena in a Gillette Fusion ad on June 29 on "Night of Champions."

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