Will Wie Live Up To Endorsements?

Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie

If Michelle Wie wins sometime in the near future, I'm going to have no one to criticize.

My short list of people who didn't perform, but had endorsement deals once included: Freddy Adu (now playing in Portugal), Danica Patrick (who won on her 50th start this year), Dale Earnhardt Jr. (who won this past weekend after a 76-race drought) and Wie.

Wie's probably the weakest of the bunch. After she turned pro two and a half years ago, she got an estimated $10 million in endorsement deals and has done absolutely nothing but implode. But things seem to be turning around.

She shot 14 under par at a European tour event earlier this month and finished sixth and she qualified for the Women's U.S. Open by shooting a 67-70.

Today, it looks like barring a breakdown -- and that a big "if" -- she'll make the cut of the Wegman's LPGA event, though she'll need a miracle to make up the eight or so strokes the leaders have on her.

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