Seeing Upside in Consumer Discretionary Stocks

After a brutal week for stocks, some of the professionals say it's time to go bargain-hunting.

Doug MacKay of Broadleaf Partners is one of them.

"Technology is due for some multiple expansion...and now is the time to start tiptoeing into the consumer discretionary sector," he told CNBC. "We've started to take a little bit more of a look at the financials...but I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger."

He's not ready to go with the homebuilders, so what's on his list?


"The retailers, the Harley Davidsons , the Nordstroms, they've pulled back," he said. "We're at a fulcrum in the markets...I think the consumer discretionary stocks will be some of the first to rally significantly off their lows."


Disclosure information for Doug MacKay was not immediately available.