Why I Ended Up Bailing on Trains

Ok, I am pathetic. In my previous post I talked about taking mass transit in LA -- yes, they have trains and subways here!

I came to work without my car today. After my last live shot -- for "Closing Bell" -- at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, I went in search of a train back to Moorpark, where my car is.

The next train wouldn't be leaving for an hour and 40 minutes. An hour. And 40. Minutes.

Should I sit and read a book at Union Station? The legendary train depot is a beautiful 1930's building. Seen in several Hollywood movies. But since it was built in the '30s, it has no air conditioning. And today it's well over 100 degrees. Ix-nay on the ation-stay.

So what did I do? What any decent LA denizen would do. I called for a car to come pick me up.

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