Mad Mail: A Great Thesis Does Not Always Equal a Great Investment

Cramer: My question is regarding the upcoming CSX shareholder’s meeting. If the hedge funds that are trying to oust Michael Ward get their way, what impact will that have on the stock? Or do you think a resolution one way or the other will bring stability and therefore improved share prices? --Rajul

Cramer says: Michael Ward has given us the best-performing rail stock in the world. If the hedge funds take over, there might be a short-term pop but I think the stock will be cut by a third next year.


Cramer: Big booyah to ya' from Illinois. I have been hearing about methane recovery from landfills. I like methane because it is a more volatile greenhouse gas than CO2 and it is a bi-product of landfills (something we cannot live without). Is there a pure play that implements methane recovery technology and uses the gas to produce energy? --Gary

Cramer says: Unfortunately, I can’t think of any “investible” play on methane. Sometimes great theses don’t come with stocks.


Hey Jim: I’m wondering about Tidewater . It’s come back a bit recently, but you’d think it would outperform the oil drilling companies, which they service. I don’t think the costs of oil would be a factor because they should be able to pass these costs on to their customers. What do you think? --Brad

Cramer says:
The stock missed the quarter, but a rising tide lifts all boats.


Booyah Jim: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) use less energy per lumen than incandescent and even fluorescent lights. Most of our pilots and crew chiefs had LED headlamps, which lasted weeks or months of constant use before changing batteries. What do you think about companies based on the LED technology? --Brian, B Troop 2-6 Cavalry, Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii

Cramer says: Like methane, there’s no pure play on LED technology that I can think of, but I invite our viewers to let me know if they think of one. Not every great idea can make you money, but I love the observations anyway.


Booyah Jim: I enjoy your show so much that I decided I wanted a Cramer bobblehead to set atop my computer (where I do my trading), but when I looked at them, I discovered that your bobbleheads look suspiciously like Pete Najarian (they just need a braid in the back)! Pete is a great guy and all, but I want a bobblehead that captures your ruggedly handsome good looks, so I guess I'll have to wait until you come up with Cramer bobblehead version 2.0. Anxiously waiting… --Jan


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