Best Trades Now: Rails, Retail, Gold & More

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

Riding the Rails

"Our favorite name right now is Burlington Northern...Despite the...near-term headwinds...we still like its revenue mix: It has what we view as a more defensive revenue mix, that is, exposure to coal, ag(riculture), and intermodal."

- Lee Klaskow, Longbow Research Senior Transport Analyst

Klaskow also likes: Norfolk Southern

Retail Plays

"The retailers, the Harley Davidsons , the Nordstroms, they've pulled back...We're at a fulcrum in the markets...I think the consumer discretionary stocks will be some of the first to rally significantly off their lows."

- Doug MacKay, Broadleaf Partners

Glitches, Gold and Grub

"I'm still a believer in the worldwide growth story...I think copper and many commodities are still in high demand...Freeport, specifically, is very geographically diversified, and they've done a good job of making more efficient their extraction business."

Cuggino also likes: Mosaic and Symantec

- Michael Cuggino, Permanent Portfolio Funds Portfolio Manager