Jared Moses - The Importance of Creativity


What’s up everybody in Donny-land, Jarrod Moses here. Show was fun and lots of info flying around- so if you picked up 10% of what you heard, you’re in good shape- go with it!

I think its important as you’re out there building your business to remember that creativity is not something that you can buy, subscribe to, be taught, or force. It’s your inner gut telling you how to solve a problem or create a way to come to a desired destination.

You can read every book written, and go to as many self-help classes as your credit card can handle, but if you just take some time to yourself to think, explore, be confident in yourself, you’ll be surprised what you come up with.

Surround yourself with people that believe in you, hire people that you believe in, create an environment that fosters growth, and only do work that challenges and inspires you. With these nuggets, success is imminent.

Go get ‘em!

- Jarrod Moses