Stefanovich - Two Tools To Increase Your Creativity

Over eighteen years, Play has refined our innovation equation:

Inspiration + Creativity = Innovation. In other words, innovation is the output of a creative


process that is fueled by strategic inspiration. We help companies create new strategies, products, services, and creative cultures using mechanisms that inspire people and change the ways that we behave while developing ideas.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 CEO or a product development manager, I offer here two tools that use inspiration to create different kinds of conversations that yield different results.

The first is "Thief and Doctor", which helps you find ideas by looking at other companies and entities that, on the surface, don't seem related to your objective or industry. You can "steal" from them and "doctor" the concept for your needs.

The second mechanism is "Deconstruct/Reconstruct". You "deconstruct" your objective into the smallest components possible -- whether they are physical, functional, or emotional. Then you "reconstruct" using four lenses (exaggerate, eliminate, substitute, or simplify) to identify opportunities for each element that you deconstructed.

These tools work for strategy, product, or internal people initiatives.

Set time aside by yourself or with your team and give them a try. You'll be surprised by how inspired your creative conversation becomes.

Click HERE To Download the Thief & Doctor Tool
Click HERE to Download the Deconstruct/Reconstruct Tool