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Rising oil prices and concerns about the financial sector pushed stocks lower on Monday.

Future of Crude

"These prices are unsustainable. They haven't reach a breaking point yet. They will this summer, I am sure."

- Addison Armstrong, Tradition Energy

Eli Broad Pushes for Change at AIG

"Let's remember-- AIG is a great company in 130 countries with great operating managers in all of that, but it needs greater strength in finance and investing."

- Eli Broad, The Broad Foundation founder

NYC Foreclosed Home Tour

"Rising energy and food costs are keeping many Americans at home this summer, but the credit crunch has actually generated a new kind of tourism. The foreclosure bus tour, common in struggling markets in Florida and California, has rolled into Manhattan."

- Natalie Erlich,

Maria's Market Message

"United Airlines, meanwhile, the Web site announcing the carrier is laying off 950 or 15 percent of its pilots. It's just the latest attempt for United to offset the soaring expense of high-cost fuel."

- Maria Bartiromo, Closing Bell anchor

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

"Flour is really the company when you think about nuclear waste ... This stock is not done. Also another big markup candidate for the end of Q2 ... Cleveland-Cliffs This has been a favorite of yours and mine."

- Jim Cramer, Mad Money host Jim Cramer