Unlock Your Creative Genius: Your Ultimate Playbook

Round 1: Your Plays

Don't listen to teachers, bosses, friends -- whoever tells you you aren't creative.

- Pay attention to your new ideas.

- Expose yourself to difficult situations.

- Broaden your horizons.

- Remember.. if a pigeon can do it, you can too.

Round 2: Your Plays
- What is "play"? It's Positive Deviance. That's what you're trying to unlock in life.
- Just as a child creates an inner narrative in fantasy and play.. you need to allow yourself to feel that again.
- Creative people don't live like a bunch of conformists.. Don't create that environment at work or anywhere

Round 3: Your Plays
- Trust your inner creative power to get you out of the most desperate moments of your life.
- Challenge yourself with a question bigger than you could ever believe.
- It takes putting yourself at risk. Have the courage to try the creative solution.

Round 4: Your Plays
-"Crowd Sourcing" is a way of the future to tap into the masses to solve the biggest problems.
- Take all limits off your goals.
- That same primal urge we have to "win".. can be harnessed to bring out the most creative power in people

Donny and the panel break it down to give you their ultimate playbook: