Getting More Real in Real time

All right, this real-time stuff may be a little geeky for some of you ... but I'll post about it anyway.

We're doing another tweak to our real-time quotes. Now we'll be getting the real-time numbers for stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange straight from the New York Stock Exchange. So now our stock quotes now come from their respective home-exchanges ... Nasdaq stock quotes come from Nasdaq and NYSE quotes come from the NYSE. Got it?

Now some of you wrote in asking what the charge is. Hey, it's free baby. We just hope you'll like them enough to come to our site again and again and again (thereby making our advertisers happy).

And some others asked where to find them. They are part of our regular stock quote service. Just type in the ticker, hit return and shazam ... the real-time quote is right at the top of the quote page. Other info, on a delayed basis, is below in case you want to do some deeper research.

Again, this is us hammering away at making the best site possible for you investors and business-minded readers. Hope you like it.