Countrywide and Bank Of America: Your Emails

Lots of emails on various posts, so I'm breaking them up.

First batch is about last night's post on Wednesday's vote by CFC shareholders on the BAC acquisition. (More on what analysts are saying in a later post.)

"P" comments the market has already "voted" by selling off BofA's shares:
"Why would a Bank of America shareholder want this deal to be completed? Will BOA be bailed out by the Fed if it runs into trouble like Bear? This deal just doesn't make sense, other than bailing out Countrywide."

Kyle V. says he is a former Countrywide employee:
"I am a modest stock holder in the company... once the merger is complete, I should be paid out enough to buy us both a couple of Latte's at Starbucks. Crazy huh? Three years of employment summed up by caffeine filled cup of steamed milk. Oh well. At least I have something to show for it....P.S. I voted 'No' on the merger. I bet I was the only one."

Anthony R responds to my request for authentication of an email forwarded to me which allegedly comes from inside Countrywide:
"If there has been an email released to you, that is a bit unbelievable. Why would you not release its content? Asking for someone to confirm an email is either a tease to drum up attention to you or there is something really serious going on. Either way, bringing it up in an open discussion seems to be more of a PR stunt than something of real value."

Note from Jane: this is not stunt.

Reader "A" eventually resorts to the all caps mode:
"You do know that 95 percent of the loans in this country is solid right? But reading media types like you and Pro Obama reporters, you wouldn't know it, right? The only people who are losing homes are those who shouldn't have bought in the first place...BAC will be at 100 by end of 2010. The company is way oversold. It's a joke...YOU DO KNOW THERE ARE HOUSES AND PROPERTIES ATTACHED TO THESE BAD LOANS AND IT GOES TO BAC RIGHT? And if you doubt how much properties are worth, I would suggest you attend one of the joint foreclosure auctions around the country. There are no bargains there..."

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