Books Coming down the Pike

Because I know you always want to know before anyone else – I wanted to share some of the recent book deals according to Trends continue to be: We’re broke and getting broker, boomer heroes and … keeping your people happy!

When you’re hot – you’re hot: Like landing that "Today" job wasn’t enough! Kathie Lee Gifford has landed a new book deal. It’s called JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I DROPPED MY LAST EGG and it will cover jobs (having them and losing them), success (whatever that means), family, motherhood and discovering what it’s like to be “fertile” after 50. Fertile in this case means giving birth to self-definition, creativity, new jobs and interest. The book is set to publish in the Spring of 2009.

The REAL Mr. Big: Forget about Chris Noth – in my book, the real Mr. Big is Clarence Clemons. The E Street Band’s Sax sensation is set to blast about his wild adventures and life – as told to his pal and Hollywood man Don Reo. The book will be called BIG MAN.

Like, we didn’t see this one coming: Remember the man who says he’s pregnant - he’s been everywhere, Oprah, People, etc., (a quick primer: he used to be a she, but gave up looking for Mr. Goodbar and became one himself after a little surgery). Well guess what, not only does he have a “bun in the oven”, he’s got a book in him too. Thomas Beatie – the world’s first pregnant man is preparing to write his book, LOVE MAKES A FAMILY: A Memoir of Hardship, Healing and an Extraordinary Pregnancy. They’re making a big push to deliver this to stores in September.

Best Kiss Ever!: Gene Simmons is working with Paul Stanley on KISS KOMPENDIUM. It’ll have all the KISS comics and will feature the band's “superhero” characters warring the other costume-enhanced, make-up wearing superheroes like Spiderman, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and Wolverine. Gene’s going to write the foreword and it’ll be out in the Fall, 2009.

Attention Citi or When Fear, Intimidation and Threats Don’t Work: Harry Paul and Ross Reck's have a deal to write INSTANT TURNAROUND: GETTING EMPLOYEES EXCITED ABOUT COMING TO WORK AND WORKING HARD. They’re offering advice to managers on how to turn the job place into a “desired destination” and increase productivity and fulfillment. Uh, frankly all the fulfillment I need is that paycheck – just ask the Citifolks.

Ohhhhh, We’re Supposed to Only Spend What We Make – Gotcha!: Chris Farrell, the contributing economic editor at BusinessWeek, is writing THE NEW FRUGALITY. He will tell us how in these tough times – we need to fix our finances and tighten our belts. No, really this one is going to be different – really. Farrell will offer up “innovative strategies” from regular folks that will show the rest of us morons how we can truly enjoy the good life even if we have to actually live within our means. Start saving now, the book will be out Fall, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Rocket: Jeff Pearlman, the NYT bestselling author of THE BAD GUYS WON has signed a deal to write about Mr. Controversy, Roger Clemens. The book is to be called, ROGER CLEMENS: THE RISE AND FALL OF A LEGEND.