Warren Buffett to Appear Live on CNBC's Power Lunch Wednesday


Warren Buffett is scheduled to appear live with Becky Quick on CNBC's Power Lunch, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 25 at 12p ET.

Among the topics expected to be covered in the interview:

Buffett will be in New York to host his own "Power Lunch" with the high bidders in last year's 'Lunch with Warren' charity auction.

Investors Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier paid $650,100 for the invite. The money goes to San Francisco's Glide Foundation. Buffett will also talk to Becky about Glide and his support of their mission to help the poor and homeless.

This year's bidding for the next meal with Buffett is now underway. The current high bid is just over $77,000, but if the past is any guide, the winner will be paying much more than that. The auction comes to a close Friday night.

Current Berkshire price:

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