Quick Tips from Jason Seiden on Becoming a Warrior


Just sat on a panel about “unleashing the warrior within…” What a great concept! A few things I’d add to what was said on the show:

- Know what success feels like! It looks different for everyone, but the feeling is universal… and a great way to get to know it is through Quality Events—moments in time of intense personal satisfaction that are created by the excellence of an experience. You can create Quality Events by giving yourself small objectives that are doable, tough, and that provide feedback; by establishing an environment conducive to success; and by practicing the mindset needed to succeed. And by the way, by “mindset,” I mean the presence of mind to overrule the ego and adjust the objective if it turns out to be too hard or too easy. Objectives can be small—like making one more phone call today—and get bigger in time.

- The physical vs. the mental: It’s not the being fit or being mentally tough; it’s the process of getting into better shape, of becoming more focused, that drives the synergy between the two.

- A quick note on fear: Fear is what holds people back. If you’re not lucky enough to have a mentor today to help you get the perspective you need to start conquering your fears, try this as a mantra: “You’re either going to have a great experience or a great story.” Expect failure, and if you’re going to fail, fail SPECTACULARLY, after putting everything you’ve got into the experience. Know when you’re dealing with life or death, and when you’re not. If you’re not, don’t fear failure.

- Jason