CNBC Top Videos of the Day: Energy Worries Reign

Energy concerns weighed heavily on Wall Street on Tuesday. What follows are the day's video highlights.

Speculation & Regulation

"I think we can see some different regulation... But I do believe when we look at some of the foreign boards of trade, and some of the currently non-regulated markets that are trading U.S. energy contracts, I think there will be more transparency..."

- James Newsome, NYMEX president & CEO

High Cost of Slow Growth

"We're certainly very close to being in a recession... We have a consumer that is being hit twice. He's being hit with the deflation in his property, which is levered up, and he's also being hit at the gas tank. Also he doesn't have pricing power with his employer."

- Paul McCulley, PIMCO

Dow Raises Prices 25%

"This surging carbo-hydron cost has to have across-the-board price increases. We looked at surcharges; we decided they don't work... We had reasonably good success for the May increases, but it's the surging dynamic we're dealing with here, Dylan, that is met across the board..."

- Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical CEO

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

"I just wish that people recognized that the fundamentals are not as sound as the government is telling us... When I'm sitting here worried about Bank of America , Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Citigroup, Fannie Maeand Freddie [Mac]...I like RIMM, but I think is going to have the strongest quarter of any of the tech stocks."

- Jim Cramer, Mad Money host Jim Cramer

Maria's Market Message

"Dow Chemical, for one, announcing it will raise prices by 25 percent. That is the company's second big price increase in just the past month as it tries to offset soaring energy and raw material costs. And UPS shares hitting nearly a five-year low after the package delivery company cut its second-quarter earnings outlook because of record fuel costs."

- Melissa Lee, CNBC