Unlock Your Creative Genius: Your Ultimate Playbook

Beneath the surface of us all, there is a fighter, a warrior. The warrior inside is fearless and has been part of our anatomy thoughout human history. Tonight, we show you how to unleash your inner warrior... so you can feel that rush of freedom and go for your bigger life. Your playbook starts here.

Round 1: Your Plays
- The warrior is inside all of us.
- Focus is the essense of the warrior mentality, it cuts through all distractions.
- Your warrior inside is the "confidence resevoir" where you'll find the guts to go for your bigger life.

Round 2: Your Plays
- The greatest warrior power of all, is to be able to win the war, without having to fight.
- Understand that "YOU" aren't the same as the "BATTLE." Important distinction. Take your ego out of the fight.
- If you have a few hours and want to change your perspective on everything you do.. pick up a copy of "The Art of War."

Round 3: Your Plays

- If you aren't happy.. isolate what in your is holding you prisoner in life.. and make that your enemy.
- You can't leave anything on the table.. bring everything you have to the battle.
- A warrior creates a "mantra" for himself or herself... Completely understanding that mantra will lead you to your bigger life.

Round 4: Your Plays
- Your body is your partner.. When you prepare your body for battle, it will prepare you in return.
- Go into battle to win... not to come in second.
- Simple thing to remember: walk into a room with your head high, shoulders back.. believe you are the warrior.

Donny and the panel break it down to give you their ultimate playbook: