Five Steps To Unleash The Warrior Within

Somewhere inside all of us is a fighter, a warrior. That warrior is focused, determined and fearless. That warrior will go after whatever it wants and won’t take no for an answer.


Tonight on The Big Idea we talked a lot about how to unleash that inner warrior and go for your dream.

Here are 5 Warrior moves to put you on the path to getting what you want and living a bigger life…….

1. BREAK AWAY - Use the Art of War principles and break away from things that are holding you prisoner. Isolate what's holding you prisoner and make that your enemy. Hatred fuels empowerment. It’s the ultimate motivator: you versus what’s holding you back.

2. FOCUS ON THE TARGET - What’s your passion? What’s your dream? Make that your target and go for it! Your dreams don’t automatically get answered. You have to DO! Do or don’t do, that’s your choice in the world. Your success is in your hands.

3. PRACTICE THE “C” WORDS – CONTROL & CHALLENGE! This is absolutely critical to unleashing your inner warrior.

4. ACTION – Everything comes down to action. Create an action mindset - an action dialogue that drives you everyday. Create a mantra for yourself – a mantra that will lead you to a bigger life.

5. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Leave nothing on the table - bring everything you’ve got to the battle!

Did you find your inner warrior and change your life? I want to hear your story. Write to me at