Stock Picker Likes Sunnier Second Half

Patrick Becker sees brighter days in store for the market, once it re-focuses from what's going wrong to what's going right.

His Becker Value Equity Fund is up 1.77 percent in this difficult year.

Does the second half of the year look better to him than the first half?

"We think so," he told CNBC. "We think there's some good, compelling values out there."


Highest on his list is FedEx, despite the soaring price of fuel.

"Whenever the fuel prices move rapidly, up or down, they get either a windfall or they get hurt, and what you've seen in the last quarter is them getting hurt fairly substantially," he said. "The opportunity here is, FedEx is a terrific company, one of the best, they invest in the downturns; the little guy...going out of business, that's an opportunity for FedEx."

Becker also likes Starbucks (surprised?) and Lawson Software.


Disclosure information for Patrick Becker was not immediately available.