Time to Sell Energy Stocks, and Other Top Trades

Ahead of the Fed's decision on Wednesday, the market pros shared stock picks with CNBC.

Getting Defensive

“This is the time to start selling some of the energy.. Go after companies that have pricing power… Pricing like Dow [Chemical], pricing like Kraft, pricing like General Mills... and industrial companies that have the ability with the weakening dollar and demand from overseas.”

- Sarat Sethi, Douglas C. Lane & Associates partner & portfolio manager

Picking Up Star Stocks

Equinox’s business has grown at a 30 percent rate over the last several years; we think that will continue. They generate very high margins and a lot of discretionary, free cash flow. Nextel International can be thought of as a cousin company to Nextel in the U.S., which was purchase by Sprint… They’re run by a high quality U.S. management team. Their top markets are Mexico and Brazil; those markets are less penetrated than they are up here."

- Michael Lippert, Baron I-Opportunity Fund