Welcome to Bullish on Books

Despite being told that books are dead – I am Bullish on Books!

Books define who we are - who we were and who we want to be!

We are judged by the books we “say” we are reading and those we “claim” to have read:

On first dates, “So, what book are you reading”

On college applications, “What book most inspired you?”

On job interviews, “What kinds of books do you like to read?”

Books speak volumes - even when we don’t want to. C’mon how many times have you pulled out a book and started reading it in a restaurant or at an airport just so no one would talk to you! It’s ok to admit it - we all need our book barriers sometimes.

And sorry, but we do judge a person by the cover they’re reading. It just slays me when I hear someone whom I’ve always thought of as a real turnip turn up talking about one of my favorite books. It forces me to take another look at that person I mean, if we both love the same book - I must have been wrong about them. Right?

Books offer us escape from the mundane, the insane and from those who complain. And business books offer us the ultimate escape! Business books offer us the hope of a being a better manager, a better employee, building a better team, getting a better job, finding a better strategy, having a richer and better life.

Business books even sound sexy! Some of the books I’ve been asked to feature on CNBC include, “The Wolf of Wall Street," "The Corporate Dominatrix," "Hug Your People," and “Whoa! My Boss is Naked.”

Business books can even make us all true believers! How can you not want to read something called, “God Wants You To Be Rich” ?

This blog is all about the books you’ll be reading, should be reading, want to read and those you’ll lie and say you have read.

You’re probably wondering who am I to tell you what to read, well suffice it to say that I’m not a librarian, I’m not an economist and I’ve never written a mortgage loan in my life. I am the senior producer here at CNBC responsible for booking of all things books. I review the books that come in to CNBC and work with the shows to decide which author has a good enough story to be featured on our air to sell their books.

The quick read on me – nearly 30 years of TV experience including local and national news, documentaries, talk shows and syndication. I’ve interviewed presidents, prostitutes, pundits, pampered princesses and potheads. I’ve had great access, been on the frontline of every type of natural disaster, seen all kinds of man-made disasters and received my fair share of awards. So now, I just want to kick back and read a good book.

I’ll bring you the authors, reviews and the buzz because despite what we’ve been told we are indeed, Bullish on Books.