Market Midterm: Healthcare


In the second half of '08, Wall Street will turn full attention toward the race for the White House in what’s arguably going to be the most crucial presidential election in 30 years.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain promise substantial changes if they win. In fact, their agendas will likely affect a wide range of companies from Alcoa to Zygo Corp.

But the companies that get hit hardest are probably in healthcare. Why? Both candidates promise a prescription for Uncle Sam's ailing healthcare system. McCain may allow foreign imports of drugs while Obama could allow Medicare to negotiate prices with the likes of Pfizer and Merck. That move could cost the industry $30 billion.

With so much at stake in November we can’t help but wonder who are Wall Street's winners and losers in the race for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Here's how Pete Najarian recommends trading.

McCain wins:Merck is a buy for their pipeline.

Either candidate wins: Look at Novartis because they’re into diagnostics and pharma.

Obama wins: Stick with just the diagnostic companies. Look at Cepheid , Myriad Genetics and Immucor .

Time for the test. Tell us what you think!

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