Getting Bullish on Books

We just coming up with more and more stuff to give you folks. This time? A book blog! And not just any old book blog ... a blog dedicated to money books.

Bullish on Books will be written by Gloria McDonough-Taub, the senior producer here at CNBC responsible for the booking of all things books. She reviews the books that come in to CNBC and works with the shows to decide which author has a good enough story to be featured on our air to sell their books. I figure that's pretty good action for the Web site as well.

After all, who has time to read all the gobs of information and advice out there. It took me 3 months just to plow through Greenspan's tome (of course, I watch a lot of TV when I should be reading). You need someone to sort through it all and tell you what's worthwhile.

Give the blog a looksee. You'll find it here.