5-Star Stock Picker: Look Offshore

Susan Byrne has a message for investors who are waiting for the market to get back to normal.

"People need to understand...this is the new normal," the chairman and chief investment officer of Westwood Holdings Group told CNBC. "We're likely to be a much slower grower than outside the United States."

Outside the United States is where she finds investment opportunities.

Byrne has managed the five-star Westwood Equity Fund for more than 21 years.


Topping her list is United Technologies.

"UTX is terrific geography, all over the world," she said. "They make Otis elevators, they make Pratt & Whitney engines for planes, they make H/VAC systems...when you look at new buildings going up in Dubai or Shanghai, you know that they're Otis elevators."

Freeport McMoRan is a big commodity play.

"This is an American-based copper company," she explained. "If you wanted to re-create this company, you'd have to take $250 a share to make this company the way it is today."

She's impressed by the results just released by Nike.

"Nike did exactly what we wanted it to do," she said. "Two-thirds of their business is outside the United States, so even though the United States was slow, we saw very strong 20 to 30 percent growth outside the United States,"

She disagrees with those who think it's too late to get into oil-related companies, and she likes XTO Energy.


Byrne and her family own shares of United Technologies, Freeport McMoRan, Nike and XTO Energy.