The Winners: Global Growth + Value

A 50-50 blend of growth and value, focused internationally. That's James Moffett's five-star formula. He's the lead portfolio manager of the five-star UMB Scout International Fund.

Typically, Moffett goes after smaller large-cap and larger mid-cap companies. He's especially enthusiastic about Latin America in general, and Brazil and Chile in particular.


High on his list is AmBev, Brazil's leading brewer.

"If you're selling beer on the equator, and you've got over a 50 percent market share, you ought to be making good money on it," he told CNBC.

He's not limited to Latin America; in the technology area, he likes Canon.

"We think of them as making cameras, but they make a lot of other things," he explained. "They make copiers, they make equipment for making semiconductors; we view them as a broad-based January technology play."


Disclosure information for James Moffett was not immediately available.