You Pick The Nickname For O.J. Mayo

OJ Mayo
OJ Mayo

So since I'm the guy who gave the name "Big Cactus" to Shaquille O'Neal, I have this new confidence that I can give just about anyone a nickname. But today, I'm going to put the fun into your hands and we're going to do it with O.J. Mayo, who is most likely to be picked by the Minnesota Timberwolves in tonight's NBA Draft.

I know I'm jumping the gun here a bit by doing this before he's drafted, but at least we'll have the nickname ready for him when his name is called. Vote at the bottom for your choice. I will also accept write-ins to

Choice #1: "The Mayo Clinic" -- This could be an appropriate name, especially if Mayo starts ripping it up in Minnesota, the state where the famous Mayo Clinic medical facility is located.

Choice #2: "The Hell Man" -- The last name Mayo allows us to play with the most famous brand of Mayo, Hellman's.

Choice #3: "The Juice II" -- His given first name also gives us a chance to play, but keep in mind, O.J. Simpson is the original.

Questions? Comments?