Getting To The "Core" of the Tiger Woods Apple


So yesterday, I wrote about how I doubted the legitimacy of the Tiger Woods apple that "sold"for $36,000. After the buyer admitted to me he was joking and had no intent on actually purchasing the apple, I e-mailed the seller to see if he could back up that this was definitely the apple of Tiger Woods.

Here's what I received from the seller: "The core is no joke..I have a lot of whitness' (sic), who went to the Open with me, who would be happy to confirm my story...I'm just an average guy doing something nice for his Daughter."

Since he didn't ever intend to get thousands of dollars for it, he said he doesn't have any documentation or pictures. All he had was the story and his bunch of friends who he said would back him up. So I e-mailed three of his friends to confirm the story, saying that I would need all three of their full names and asked if they were willing to back up his story and sign an affidavit, like anyone who were to buy this item at a legitimate auction house would do. I sent that e-mail nine hours ago and still no response.

While we wait for that, we have a new apple. It's the apple that Tiger supposedly ate during the Playoffs. As of 10 am ET, the apple is up to $630.The slight difference here is that the seller has a 1,076 feedback, so if it's fake he or she is risking eBay penalizing the account. Again, no other confirmation besides the apple, in a vacuum sealed bag, and a U.S. Open cup.

Questions? Comments?