Citi Criticizes Bank Of America? Your Emails

'm sure you've seen that Washington State has now joined those filing lawsuits against Countrywidebefore the company disappears.

A few more emails.

From Bob P:
"Citi says BAC is one of the banks with 'the worst capital positions,' and it will most likely have to cut its dividend or try to raise capital. What does Citi say about Citi's capital position and Citi's dividend?"

From Bob F:
"Our group laughingly refer to CFC's CEO as Mozilo the Magician. First he made millions of dollars disappear. Now he has made CFC disappear. Next he will make himself disappear and then miraculously all of CFC's assets plus Mozilo the magician will all reappear at BofA. I believe that BofA has given him some position related to risk management. Now that truly is magic."

Note from Jane: Angelo Mozilo has said he will retire after the transition. If he stayed on, you're right, that would be the most unbelievable "trick" ever.

From John S., something I haven't even thought of, even as I've been watching Downey Financial (DSL) fall, fall, fall....:
"Have you guys looked at the impact of the brokered FDIC insured CD market on what happens to the FDIC when banks start failing later this year….as they will."

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