The Greatness of FMC Tech

During last night's show we didn't have time to include all of the information we'd originally planned on sharing about FMC Technologies, a maker of subsea trees. FMC is the latest company in our series on clean drilling – and one of very few stocks that was actually up today – but there's room to go into more detail here if anyone's interested in the stock.

First of all, and I think this is pretty important, FMC Technologies has a great relationship with Brazil's PetroBras. They've been selling Petrobras subsea trees since the 1960s, and given that huge find in the Tupi field off the coast of Brazil, Petrobras is definitely going to be in the market for subsea trees in order to productively get at all that oil.

We also didn't have time to talk about FMC Tech's longer-term new-tech business in subsea processing equipment, which is used to separate water and gas from oil while underwater. The customers love it because it increases production, and it means they don’t have to build another platform to house the separation equipment or expand their existing equipment on their platforms. FMC Tech has won five contracts for subsea processing equipment in the last two years, and we think this business should grow even larger in the future.

I also wanted to note that the first time we featured FMC Technology was on Sept. 29, 2005, when the stock was at a split adjusted $20.15, giving anyone who bought it back then at that price a 283% gain as of today's close.

And speaking of gains, in our segment on the merger of Republic Services and Allied Waste, Jim made it very clear that he wasn't backing away from Waste Management, still the largest waste disposal company, with a stock that's up a healthy 9.8% since Jim interviewed the CEO on Feb. 13 of this year.

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