Motivation: The Mutual Win


One key to running a good organization is to have everyone who works there know you care about their wins. They need to know you care about their success. Not more than your own because that makes you a putz. Not less, because that makes you a jerk. Just be happy for your people’s success. Be happy for their wins.

How do you know what’s a win for someone else? Well, you listen to them, you ask questions, you watch what excites them and you see what leaves them cold. That’s how you’ll find out what motivates them

People need to know their work is important to you. They need to know their effort is appreciated. Often times money is a motivator but for some people money doesn’t change the molecular equation. In business sometimes it’s easy to forget there are rewards other than monetary. For some people it’s all about the challenge, the thrill of competition, the win. Be happy for their wins. And one last thing, don’t just be happy for their wins – vocalize it. We all need to be told “thank you” and “good work”.

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